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A Basement Drained Cavity

Kensington & Chelsea

Basement Impact Assessment (BIA)

Planning is a legal procedure to which standard questions are applied.   Croft Structural Engineers has developed and continues to evolve its documents to ensure that they meet the Council’s planning requirements. 

The driving document in K&C is the Subterranean Planning Document (SPD).  This is linked closely to the SPD supplements Unitary Development Plan Policy CD32. 

There are numerous areas that are covered in our BIA.  As the Council develops its SPD requirements our BIA’s are evolving.  Recently RBKC has added an Engineering Design and Construction Statement (EDCS).  The EDCS was something that Croft Structural Engineers included in its original BIA.

Our standard BIA for a single storey basement is typically 80-90 pages long.  Croft Structural Engineers provides a service and this covers:




There are other items that may be required to complete the planning procedure and our BIA will not be the only document.  You will need a planning drawings and design and access statement.  If buildings are listed or near listed building then a Historic planning consultant may be necessary.  On specific sites additional geotechnical advice is necessary to confirm soil movements to adjacent properties.  We are here to help with the process where we can and will advise and bring people on board where appropriate.

RBKC also requires that the building should comply with ecological requirements for the entire building:  With particular reference to water recycling and power.