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A Victorian Basement Construction

Camden Basement Impact Assessment (BIA)

Planning is a legal procedure to which standard questions are applied.   Croft Structural Engineers has developed and continues to evolve its documents to ensure that they meet the Council’s planning requirements. 

For Camden our Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) closely follows the guidance noted in CPG4 introduced in early 2011 (Camden geological, hydrogeological and hydrological study).  DP27 in the London Borough of Camden's Planning is closely tied to CPG4.  We have formulated the above documents into a concise document that covers the Camden’s requirements. 

There are numerous areas that are covered in our BIA.  As the Council develops CPG4 and DP27 our BIAs are evolving.  Our standard BIA for a single storey basement is typically 80-90 pages long.

Croft Structural Engineers provides a service and this covers:




On reflection we have a good opinion on Camden Planning.  They have not simply imposed further red tape (although it may appear so). Before implementing and publishing DP27 and CPG4 they undertook an extensive research that resulted in the Arups report.